Our menu

All our food and drinks are available to consume in our seating area or if you prefer you can take them with you if you have to dash 


Chicken Salad £2.80
Ham Salad £2.50
Tuna Salad £2.20
Houmous Salad £2.20
Cheese Salad £2.20

All sandwiches are freshly made in house on large seeded ciabattas, but any of the above can be made on gluten free bread if required

Organic Soup


Soup & a Roll £2.50



 We have a variety of organic soups so a different one is available each day of the week,
 dont leave it too late to order as we often sell out 



Ham & Mature Cheddar £2.00
Pepperoni & Mozzarella £2.00
Tuna Melt with Mature Cheddar £2.00
Double Cheese (Mozzarella & Cheddar) £2.00
Houmous, Cheddar & Baby Spinach £2.00


 All above toasties are made on a seeded brown bread which it great for toasting  

a gluten free alternative is avaiable if required 

Cakes and sweet stuff


  We also have gluten free options as marked with GF,

so noone has to miss out on the sweet  life


Salted Caramel Brownie GF £2.00
Jewel Bar Slice GF £1.80
Apple & Pecan Raw Bar GF £1.80
Chococarnage £1.80
Cinebar £1.80
Feel Good Granola £1.80
Caramel Slice £1.80
Rocky Road £1.80
Raspberry & Almond Bakewell £2.00
Blueberry Bakewell £2.00


Cappuccino £1.50
Latte £1.50
Americano £1.50
Flat White £1.50
Espresso £1.50
Hot Chocolate (milk or white) £1.50
Range of Teas £1.50


All standard coffees are made using a double shot of coffee with whole milk

If you require a single shot of coffee, decaf coffee, skimmed or soya milk

just ask when you place your order

Cold drinks are also available including Pepsi, 7up, water and fruitshoots




Coming soon 


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